No limits Entrepreneurship Coaching Guide
“Your business exists for ONE REASON and ONE reason ONLY - as a VEHICLE to help you achieve your Life Goals.” Howard Partridge.

Just like you evaluated your personal Wheel of Life,(If you have not evaluated your wheel of life-send am email to me and request your complimentary access) you can also evaluate your Business/Career Wheel. For the purposes of this example, we are going to use a Business Wheel where you are the owner/operator of the business.

A Business Wheel has five major spokes:
• Marketing – how you bring prospects to the business
• Sales – how you convert prospects into customers
• Operations – how you service and support customers
• Administration – the systems, processes, proce- dures and financial aspects that make things run efficiently
• Leadership – the strategic goals, vision, planning, and staff development
Obviously, there are more elements to a successful business than listed here, but everything can fall under these five spokes.

We have a mathematical formula that we love:
YOU + God = Enough

Have fun setting GOD-GOALS!!!
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