g6e event feedback
(as opposed to a nice picnic spread and some people standing in a field, imagine the picture above is you at your computer, listening to me, also at my computer, talking to you about modular synths.)

Thank you for attending or watching the replay of g6e in our event! It was a lot of fun to share some of these things.

This was my first time ever doing a workshop liked this, and I love y'alls constructive feedback as to how I could improve whenever I do something like this again.

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How was the overall amount of intro to modular synth/crow?
intro was too long
intro wasn't long enough
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How was the overall amount of coding explanation/live code?
too much code talk
too much stuff other than code talk
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How was the overall amount of live patching/patching explanation
too much live patching the synth
not enough time in front of the synth explaining the patching
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How was the overall amount of music making in ableton
too much ableton/m4l content
not enough ableton/m4l content
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For those who attended live, how was the quality of the stream (video/audio quality, buffering)
For both live or recorded watchers, how was the technology (video layout, relative levels of synth and voice). Anything you'd like to see different next time?
Any other comments or thoughts (things I can do better next time, topic ideas for another different workshop, etc.)
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