Sign up Form for Recharter Review Zoom Meetings
Our District Unit Commissioners are taking the time to sit in Zoom breakout rooms with Units that need assistance with their recharter paperwork or online rechartering modules. This is the form to use to book an appointment at one or more of these zoom calls.

Please review Recharter Information from Mayflower Council at this link for FAQs, walkthroughs, paperwork PDFs, and explanations:

Note: Please make sure you attend the Recharter Review Zoom meeting that you sign up for. The Commissioners want to use their time effectively.

Also Note: We will send out the Zoom call information 24 hours before the Zoom call. Please do not register for a meeting the day of said meeting. If you sign up in less than 24 hours, you will not receive the Zoom information. Please sign up for the next one or get in touch with your Unit Commissioner or our District Key 3 at
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Please provide what Unit type and Number you are a part of (ex: Troop 17, Pack 45, or Crew 99) *
Which Recharter Review Zoom Conference do you want to attend? (Note: We send the zoom link out 24 hours in advance, if you are signing up the same day as the meeting, you will not receive the link, please choose another zoom meeting) *
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