Rock Port R-II Parent Survey 2019-20
Please take the time to read through and answer the following questions. As a district we look forward to reviewing your feedback to help improve the Rock Port R-II School District. With this survey we are looking for ways to better serve our students, school, and community. We thank you in advance for your your participation and information.
In what building is your student currently in?
How many students do you currently have in the Rock Port School District?
How many years have you lived in the school district?
What area is likely to take the largest share of your child's time in the year after high school?
Students are often given the grades A, B, C, D, and F to denote the quality of their work. If the Rock Port School District was to be graded that way, what grade would you give?
Mark only one oval per row.
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
The school recognizes my child's accoomplishments.
My child's opinions are valued by teachers and administration.
Effective assistance is provided for children having difficulty in school.
My child is given a fair chance to succeed at Rock Port.
I can talk with my child's teachers or principal when I need to.
I feel my child is safe at Rock Port R-II.
The community provides enough money for the school to do a good job of educating the students of Rock Port.
Discipline in my child's school is handled fairly.
The school encourages parents to be involved.
The community is proud of our school.
The Rock Port School district is preparing students to be 21st century learners.
I am informed of academics, events and activities taking place at school.
The school promoting positive success through social media.
What are three items you value most about Rock Port R-II School District?
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What area(s) would you like to see improved in the Rock Port School system?
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