Thank you very much for your time and willingness to fill out my survey. I am a student in architecture at ENSA Montpellier. As part of my research internship, I am working on the subject of the new industrial revolution, third places, digital manufacturing and their effect on our lives, on education, on work, on architecture and their capabilities. to produce social innovation.

In this work, I try to find an answer to the following questions:
Who is the maker?
What are his/hers motives ?
How does he/she see the present and the future?
This movement, is it viable?
Does this have the potential to reshape our society?

Dalia Gregorova

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Access to technologies
Being a part of a community
Knowledge sharing
Expanding my skills
Collaborating with others
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3D printer
Laser cutter
CNC routing
Vinyl plotter
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Sewing machine
DIY tools
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3D design & modeling
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As a maker, do you consider yourself to be a part of a movement? *
This movement will fundamentally affect the way.. *
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..our society functions
..we design things
..we produce things
..we invent things
..we educate
..we work
..we do and design the architecture
..we live
Anything else you can think of?
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Free expression on the subject of maker movement: (optional)
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Could this movement qualify as a part of a new industrial revolution? *
Do you think that this movement has a potential to produce a change in these domains? *
I don't know
Not much
A little
Very much
Internet neutrality
Internet privacy
Rethinking of copyright
Rethinking patents
End of mass production (local production)
Laterally distributed energy production
Re-distribution of power
Decentralization of power
Re-distribution of wealth
Universal income
Local initiatives support
Work-laws reform
Education reform
Economic system reform
Cryptocurrency implementation
Local currency implementation
Social reform
Way of life
Family life
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Do you consider the majority education approach in your country effective in terms of a good preparation for the future? *
Could you please elaborate? (optional)
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In your opinion, what do you find important in an educational system? *
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Somewhat important
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Multi-disciplinary approach
Mono disciplinary approach
Project-based learning
Problem-based learning
Teacher-centered learning
Student-centered learning
Grade-free system
Extensive grading system
No homework
Unifunctional class environment
Multifunctional class environment
Homeschooling possibility
Any others?
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Do you think could the philosophy behind fablabs, makerspaces, etc significantly improve educational systems? *
What do you consider to be their main advantage? (3 max)
Any other advantages?
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Free expression on the subject of education: (optional)
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Do you think that the current model of work is becoming obsolete? *
Regarding the future of working, what do you consider the most relevant factors? *
I don't know
Somewhat irrelevant
Somewhat important
Automatization and AI replacing lower-paying jobs
Automatization and AI replacing higher-paying jobs
Cheap labor in underdeveloped countries
Not enough work for everyone
Education adapted to current needs
Access to education
Concentration of power & wealth in disproportionate group of people
People not willing to do unsatisfactory work
Exodus from the city to the countryside due to working online
Basic income compensating for lack of work opportunities
Different reward system for work than current currency
More community oriented work
Anything else you find relevant?
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How do you personally see the future of working? (optional)
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Views on architecture have been changing over time. A contemporary understanding of the role of an architect is some sort of a mastermind's one, who designs and oversees a project on technical, functional, artistic and aesthetic levels.
A considerable part of the maker's movement and of digital fabrication research involves an architecture. Whether it is for production of large or small architecture and for the design of objects or to build a large object using CNC or new concrete 3D printers.

With information and how-to sharing, we could imagine that eventually we could download, modify and fabricate various architecture objects.

So where do you think is the role of architect in all that?

Do you think that an architect in general could be considered a maker? *
Do you think that the maker movement will be able to significantly affect the way architects design architecture? *
How? *
I don't know
Very little
Very much
Higher involvement of end users in the designing process
Higher involvement of end users in the construction process
Different roles of an architect, from a mastermind to a partner in creative process
Significant part of the architect’s job is going to be replaced by technology