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When Antonio told his girlfriend that he cheated on her, she ______________ of the room,slamming the door behind her.
After a few minutes, Antonio’s girlfriend came back into the room. She decided she would______________________ of the apartment. She took all of his clothes, threw them outside and told him to leave.
It’s 3a.m. The supermarket is closed now, but we can probably find a small ________________store to buy cigarettes and gum.
All of the ____________________ at Sainsbury Supermarket are so helpful. If I am looking for something that I can’t find, they’re always there to help me.
Rafa is a very ________________________ individual. He did well in school, has his own company, plays sports, and has lots of friends.
My boyfriend and I found a 3 bedroom flat that we want to buy. It costs $40,000. If we want it,we must pay a ____________________ of $2,000. This money will ensure that no one else can try to buy the flat, and that it will be ours next month.
My cousin and I love to go to the beach on sunny days. She prefers to swim in the water, while I prefer to relax on the sand and _________________.
Today I’m going to the beach. I’ll put some oil on my skin, lay in the sunshine for 30 minutes,and will probably have a beautiful ________________ when I am done.
My days here at English Steps have been very __________________. I have eaten great food,made new friends, and shared lots of laughs with great people. I will never forget this experience.
Wow! It’s raining ________________________ today. There is so much rain and it won’t stop!
When I finished eating dinner at the restaurant, the waiter told me I could only pay my bill with cash. Because I only had a credit card with me, I had to go find a bank so I could______________ some money.
The man that killed my daughter is in prison. He will get the death penalty because it was such a serious crime. His ______________________ will be on January 7 th , 2020. I will be happy once he is finally dead!
Some elderly men and women suffer from _______________. They have to wear diapers because they are unable to control when and where they will use the toilet.
My family and I have a farm with lots of cows. We kill 1 cow per month and eat it’s meat. I wish we had some chickens, because I think we eat too much ______________________!
My sister has a sheep farm. She kills 3 sheep per month and eats the meat. She eats a lot of________________!
There is a lot of money _____________________ involved in selling drugs. Because drug dealers earn money illegally, they have to hide it somewhere.
The little girl has been an __________________ since she was 12 years old. Both of her parents died in a car accident, so she has been living by herself with no family to help her.
I saw a new car that I wanted to buy. It costs $10,000 but I can’t afford to pay that much. I will ask the car salesman if we can _________________ a cheaper price.
Tiffany has not lived in the USA for 3 years. The US government sent her mail asking her to pay$500, but she is hiding in England and is not paying. If she goes back to the US, they may send her to prison for __________________________.
I was sitting on the bus looking through the photos in my phone. The strange man next to me was also looking at my pictures, and this made me angry. I changed seats, looked at him and said ”___________________your own business!”
Today is __________________ day at the courthouse. The judge will tell the criminals how long they will be sent to jail or prison for.
When a person is training to become an airplane pilot, they first need to practice in a machine that can ____________________ what it is like to fly a plane. They must practice in this machine before they can try flying a real plane.
If you go to the food market you can find meat butchers that sell beef, chicken or pork. You can also find _______________ that sell uncooked fish, prawns, clams and all types of seafood.
If you walk outside in the rain, you’re going to get _________________!
“To open the water bottle, hold the top and ___________ to the left.”
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