2019 Amherst Regional Middle School Educator Award Nomination - due February 28
The Amherst Regional Middle School (ARMS) Educator Award was established by the in 2014 by the ARMS Parent Guardian Organization (PGO) as a way to recognize the incredible work and dedication of the middle school faculty and staff. This award of $500 is funded each year by the ARMS PGO.

In creating this award, the ARMS PGO wishes to honor all the educators who work at the school and shape the lives of our children during these important years. The term “educator” is used broadly, to include the full range of individuals who support our children in their growth and learning during the middle school years, from academic development to social, physical, and emotional growth and development. The award is open to all ARMS staff, with the exception of the principal and assistant principals, as these individuals have a role in the selection process. All ARMS staff includes:
• Teachers
• Paraprofessionals
• Cafeteria staff
• Specialists
• Special education educators
• Nurse and counseling staff
• Custodial staff
• Librarians
• Office administrators and other support staff
Please contact the main office for a list of all faculty and staff.

Although this award recognize only one individual each year, the process is designed to raise community awareness about the efforts of the middle school community as a whole.

Nominations for this award can be made by parents, by other teachers or staff, and by students. The following criteria for this award are based on a survey of middle school educators. The survey asked educators to complete the phrase “I will feel valued and respected as a teacher if the following criteria is used…” Based on the results, the PGO established the following criteria for this award:

The ARMS Educator Award will honor an educator who embodies the ARMS core values and demonstrates their commitment to supporting their colleagues, their students, and their community.

1. Supports students: The nominee maintains high expectations for students, whether in the classroom or in the larger school and community. The nominee is aware of the “unique awesomeness” of the middle school student and their particular needs during this time in their lives. The nominee fosters determination, persistence, and self-reliance, and inspires a desire to learn and grow. This person makes personal connections with students and is respected by students and viewed by students as someone always willing to help. The nominee is an advocate for the needs of the students, whether academic, social, physical or health-related, or emotional. The nominee takes time to get to know the students, and serves as a positive role model.

2. Collaborates with Colleagues: The nominee should be a person who reaches out often to collaborate with others at the middle school in pursuit of a common goal. This person unselfishly shares practices and resources with other educators, and brings ideas to the table that push a group along in their common goal. The nominee is seen as a leader and team player within the middle school community, and is effective at building relationships.

3. Contributes in a positive way to the ARMS community: The nominee demonstrates a willingness to make ARMS a place both students and staff are proud
to be! Examples include, fostering positive relationships among students, hosting student teachers, developing exemplary advisory activities, being involved with
community service within the school, contributing to after school programming, collaborating to bring speakers to the school, communicating effectively with parents/guardians, modeling a positive attitude, patience and humor, assisting or leading school-wide initiatives, and contributing to community spirit.

Nomination process
This award is open to all educators and staff, including teachers, paraprofessionals, cafeteria staff, specialists, special education educators, nurse and counseling staff, custodial staff, librarians, office administrators and other support staff. The nominee must be employed at least 60% time and must have been a member of the middle school community for at least three years.

Nominations will be accepted from parents/guardians of current ARMS and ARHS students, current ARMS and ARHS students, and employees of ARPS.

If an educator has been the recipient of an ARMS Educator Award in the past, they are no longer eligible to be nominated. Past recipients include: Peter Riedel (2015), Julie Woynar (2016), Elliott Kelly (2017) and Jodi Stevens (2018).

To nominate an individual for this award, please complete the following form, or pick-up a form in the ARMS office.

The deadline for nominations is February 28, 2019.

The award recipient will be announced in April.

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Please complete the following questions with words of support for this individual, specifically addressing the award criteria. Your nomination does not need to be very long, but it should include specific examples of activities within the middle school community.

Please note that an excerpt from your nomination will be made available to the ARMS faculty and staff for the initial selection step. Your name will be removed but the information will be made public within the school community.

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