Wayward Player Survey
A survey to help us get a better picture of our playerbase!
How often do you come back to play Wayward (or how often could you see yourself coming back in the future)?
When did you start playing Wayward?
Have you ever reported bugs?
Have you ever suggested features or changes?
Have you left a Steam review for Wayward?
Where do you follow Wayward news?
How many hours have you played of Wayward?
Have you ever watched Wayward content on YouTube or Twitch?
Please view the changelog to help answer the next question(s): http://www.waywardgame.com/changelog
What is your satisfaction of the frequency of updates?
Very Satisfied
What would you rate Wayward overall?
Hypothetically, after a year of updates, what do you think your rating of Wayward could be?
Please view the Wayward Modding Duide to help answer the next question(s): https://waywardgame.github.io/
Do you create mods, or have you tried to mod Wayward?
If you mod Wayward (or are planning to), what is your overall rating on our Modding Guide and/or general modding workflow?
We have tons of features yet to add to Wayward. Check out our Trello for full development transparency: https://trello.com/b/PWX1Hpjn/wayward-todo
What is your favorite feature in Wayward?
Your answer
What feature would you most like added to Wayward?
Your answer
Do you have any other comments about Wayward?
Your answer
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