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Hello! Welcome to Community Casseroles! We’re very glad you’re here.

We are a non-profit community organisation that operates with the support of Foothills Community Care. We make meals to share with our community in the Dandenong Ranges and Foothills area. All our meals are given away for free.

Community Casseroles is volunteer run. We are based out of a commercial kitchen in Upwey where we cook and have our big freezers. We cook using resuced and donated ingredients and have been making meals with and for our community for about 5 years. 

We share meals with anyone in our community who needs them - those going through crisis, illness, new babies, loss of job. There are so many reasons any of us might need some meals support from our neighbours. Many in our community they don't have social support, we want to make sure that no one in our community needs to struggle in isolation. 


At our last cook up we filled our freezer extra full anticipating the extra need that might come. We have also recieved some donations from restaurants.

We're now making plans about how to restock our freezer within the bounds of the current regulartions. The way that we've been running up to now is by having a big monthly community cook up in our huge kitchen. With the new changes to minimise the spread of COVID19, we need to tweak the way we work.

We currently need delivery drivers and those interested in cooking (while we work out the best approach). We also welcome your ideas and special skills.
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