Graphic Era deemed to be University Employer Feedback Form
Dear Employer,

Greetings from Graphic Era family

Many graduates of our University are already working in your organization. We are thankful to you for having provided them an employment with your prestigious Company/Organization.

In our endeavor to serve you better through our students, we shall very much appreciate and be grateful to you if you can spare some of your valuable time to fill up this feedback form. It will help us to improve the Institute further and give you better employees in future.

Tick  the number that best describes your level of satisfaction at each question:

1 - Poor, 2 - Good, 3 - Moderate, 4 - Superior, 5 – Excellent
How satisfied are you with the student/s work performancein each of these areas:
1. General communication skills
2. Capacity to develop practical solutions to work place problems
3. Working ability as part of a team
4. Design, Planning and organization skills
5. Self-motivated and capable of taking responsibility
6. Open to new ideas and learning new techniques
7. Familiarity with new technology and equipments
8. Ability to contribute to the goal of the organization
8. Leadership quality in handling the situation
9. Relationship with seniors/peers/subordinates
10. On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate your overall satisfaction with GEU students and the curriculum?
11. If you are not satisfied with any of the aspects, please comment further:
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12. How could our programme be improved through curriculum? Please specify one or two ways
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13. Would you like to recruit more GEU students
14. Would you refer us to other organizations
15. Would you like to associate with our organization
16. Please kindly contact our TPO for any discussion/complaints/suggestions etc.,
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Position: *
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Company/organization: *
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Dr. Rajesh Pokhriyal email: Mobile:7500674307
Placement OfficerGraphic Era Deemed to be universityClement Town, Dehradun, UK
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