Single and Pregnant Survey
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This survey is for women who have become accidentally pregnant through consensual relations, and do not plan to arrange an adoption. It is not for women who have become pregnant through rape or incest.
If you take this survey, please answer every question, or the survey will not be submitted. Also, for the sake of integrity of our research, please only take this survey once.
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What are your personal reasons for choosing to continue with your pregnancy?Try to limit your answer to no more than three reasons, and rate them 1, 2, and 3 based on importance by selecting Other option and rate (e,g, 2, 1, 3) , 1 being the most important reason. Read them all before you answer. *
Do you have health insurance? *
If yes, does it cover birth control?
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If you don’t have insurance, does your child’s father have insurance?
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If you make less than $24,000 annually, has anyone (doctors, friends, counselors) discussed the possibility of Medicaid with you? *
How certain are you of your child’s paternity? *
Has your child’s father denied or questioned paternity? *
Do you plan to confirm paternity with a DNA test? (check as many as apply) *
Do you plan to give your child your own last name, or will your child take the last name of its father? *
Are you going to have your child’s father sign the Birth Certificate, or leave it blank? *
Did your child’s father ask to marry you? *
If so, why didn’t you marry him? Please choose only one answer. *
Is your child’s father involved in your pregnancy? *
Is your child’s father involved in your pregnancy? *
Had you and your child’s father discussed your views on reproductive rights before you became pregnant? *
If so, were you in agreement at the time? *
Did your child’s father request, insist upon, or suggest abortion? *
Do you plan to get child support from your child’s father? *
If so, how are you going about it? *
If not, then why not? *
Which phrase best describes the personality of your child’s father? *
Has your relationship with your child’s father improved or declined since you found out you were pregnant? *
Were your surprised by your child’s father’s reaction to your pregnancy? *
Do any of your friends have children? *
Of those people you know who have children, are any of them single? Check all that apply *
Of your friends who are married or partnered, what percent of them would you say are in effective, happy, functional relationships? *
Of the people you know (friends and acquaintances), what has been the most common reaction to your pregnancy? *
Since becoming single and pregnant, have you found that society is more supportive or less supportive than you thought it would be? *
Has your status as a single pregnant woman changed the way you respond to jokes, movies, music, books, or advertisements? *
What would you say is the best way to describe the circumstances that led to your conception? *
Some women have a hard time answering this question honestly because our society has long associated a woman’s sexual desire with shame, whereas men are excused for their inability to say no to sexual gratification. Be assured that this is only because men have traditionally been in power both politically and socially, and have been encouraged to regard women as commodities that should be controlled. Whatever your answer to this question, keep in mind that the survival of the species has depended on the urge the reproduce being undeniable in some cases, and that the information you provide is not for the sake of judging you or any other woman, but is instead for the sake of empowerment of the female gender in our society.
What was your partner’s reaction to your discussions about the possibility of pregnancy before you became pregnant? *
Have you knowingly taken any other survey regarding single pregnancy? *
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