Permission Slip & Liability Waiver Form 2018-2019
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I give permission for my student to participate and ride school vehicles (van, bus or school car) in all school related activities such as to all athletic events, community service, field trips and other academic related excursions, knowing that every precaution will be taken for their safety and well-being. Student-Athletes are required to ride a school vehicle to and from the event, unless the parents notify the school prior to the event and arrange to transport their son or daughter personally. Notes from parents or anyone else will not be accepted because of liability incurred by the school district. A student may be released to ride home with their own parent after a contest; but only if the parent takes custody of the student through personal contact at that time. Although participation in supervised school athletic and activities programs is among the least hazardous activities in which any student will engage in or out of school, the very nature of these school athletic and activities programs does create potential for injury. Parents should be aware that the chance of injury is present while students are participating in school activities and athletics. Those parents who do not wish to expose their students to this possibility should not sign this permission form. I authorize qualified emergency medical professionals to examine my student in the event of injury or serious illness and administer emergency care. I understand every effort will be made to contact me to explain the nature of the problem prior to any involved treatment. In the event it becomes necessary for the school district staff in charge to obtain emergency care for my student, neither he/she nor the school district assumes financial liability for expenses incurred because of the accident, injury, illness and/or unforeseen circumstance. These activities are an extension of the school education program and student conduct is to be in accordance with the school’s handbook. *Additional permission slips for specific activities or events will not be sent home unless a separate organization requires a signature. Notification with detailed information will be given and a parent may always withdrawal their permission for said student to attend any event. I hereby give consent for my student by typing my name below.
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