Kruke's Backyard Ultra-Trail Challenge 2021
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This year, there is no application procedure like we have had in the previous years. All you have to do is to register and await confirmation. Your participation will be secured as soon as you have paid the 50,- NOK participation fee and the 200,- NOK registration deposit for a total of 250,- NOK. The registration deposit will be refunded if, and only if, you complete the race (finishing at least one round).

NB: Payment information will be provided in a separate e-mail after your registration information has been checked, and provided that the participation limit (25) has not been reached already.

Torgeir Kruke
race director
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The fine-print
By completing and committing this registration form I confirm that I have read and consent to the following:

Participation in this year's KBUTC ('the event', 'the race') will be fully at my own risk.

Upon registration, I understand that the race is self supported and provides no professional medical personell or assistance before, during or after the event. If a situation should arise that requires medical attention, I will depend on the general resque and medical care system available to the public. I also understand that all race officials and participants, including me, will be expected to provide help to the best of their abilities in case of an emergency situation during the race.

KrUltra ('the organizer') collects and stores registration information and results from the race for history and communication.

The organizer communication with me shall mainly be by email, and only as needed to complete the registration process and to give me information about the event that I have entered. There shall be no future advertisements or other promotions from the race organizer or the race organizer's partners unless I actively agree to this below. 

By registering I agree that photos taken in connection with the event may be used by the organizer, the organizers's partners and media actors, in order to promote or inform about the event.

By participating in the event, I agree that results can be published and shared. This includes international results providers like ITRA and DUV, national media like Kondis, etc., and via the organizers own digital channels. Personal information given in this registration form, like date of birth, nationality and club association, may be shared and published as part of the results services.

As required by The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), the organizer is required to collect, use and store personal data only as strictly required for the purpose of organizing the event. Unless actively permitted by me below, personal data about me and my participation shall be deleted by the organizer when they are no longer required for the purpose of organizing the event. However, I understand and agree that historic results will be kept indefinitely.
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Welcome to my backyard!
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