Get ready for Matthew Cody
This form will be used throughout your library time today. I will know you have been listening to the sub because there are secret words I will ask her to say. You will need to type these words in when she tells you them.
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Last Name
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Using Mrs. Grost's website what do you call a series of books that come in threes? *
Type in the titles of the three books for The Supers of Noble Green below. Number them 1. 2. 3. *
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Secret Word #1 *
Using find AUTHOR VISITS. Click on Matthew Cody's website and find his About Me page. Use this page for the next THREE questions.
When Matthew got to New York, what two things did he spend his time doing? Pick two from the list.
Matthew Cody lives in this part of New York with his wife and kid.
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Copy and paste the last sentence on Matthew's ABOUT ME page here.
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Secret word #2
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