Street Medic Training, April 5th-7th (2019)
The Rosehip Medic Collective is very excited to announce our upcoming 20 hour street medic training April 5th, 6th and 7th 2019 in Portland, OR.

This training is designed to prepare street medics (aka action/protest medics) to provide first aid and spread calm at protests, encampments, and all sites of resistance. Participants are asked to attend the entire training (Fri: 5-9pm, Sat & Sun 9a-6:30p). It will take place at a centrally accessible location on major bus routes, with wc accessible bathrooms and teaching space.
We are continuing to develop a new application and registration process. Our goal is to streamline the process while prioritizing limited spots for BIPOC, queer and trans folks, people with disabilities and activists working towards collective liberation.

Cost will be $25-$125 sliding scale**

*** TO APPLY ***
We are asking for a brief written application* and will notify people if you are being offered a spot in the training. We will close applications at the end of Saturday, March 16th; please return this email/respond before then!

Please practice good security culture (don’t tell us anything you wouldn’t tell to a judge) when filling out this form AND please keep it brief. All responses except your email and the second one are optional and leaving something blank will NOT automatically disqualify you from getting a spot in the training. Answering more questions gives us more chances to get to know you

If offered a spot you’ll then have until March 30th to accept the spot and pay a deposit of $10.**

We offer 20 hour street medic trainings several times a year. Our trainings are open to people of any skill level and many kinds of abilities; we encourage physicians, herbalists, & EMTs to attend our trainings as strongly as we do people with no first aid or care work background. Our trainings are comprehensive, focusing on preparation, actions, and aftercare--and participants leave with tools useful for medicking at every major summit protest and with friends, family, and neighbors. Our trainings are intensive, with one evening session and two long days, and include a lot of hands-on practice and realistic scenarios. We strive to make our trainings accessible, safe and supportive for all people, and will work with you beforehand to make sure your needs are met.

Our trainings include:

-- The why’s what’s, how’s and ethics of street medicking
-- Action preparedness
-- Patient assessment, basic first aid skills, and life-saving techniques
-- Red Flags, when to call 911, and how to interact with Emergency Medical Services
-- Police violence and chemical weapons
-- Introduction to use of herbs in the streets and for aftercare
-- Packing your first aid kit
-- And much more!

* If filling out this form in writing doesn't meet your needs, please send us an email ( with a phone number and we can contact you to take your application over the phone.
**If paying this would represent a significant financial hardship/barrier, please let us know and we can discuss other options.

Rosehip Medic Collective Website & Resources:
About street medic history and organizations:

Email address *
1. What name should we call you? What pronoun(s) do you use?
Examples of responses include "she", "they", "ze", "he", "variable" or "no pronouns". You do not have to declare a pronoun here. The response "I don't care about pronouns" is often experienced as insulting or discounting of trans identities. Please don't write that.
Your answer
2. Can you attend the entire training? *
3. Please tell us what you plan to do with this training:
Your answer
4. Are you specifically seeking STREET MEDIC training, or should we sign you up for our next Community Medic/other training ?
This training is designed to prepare street medics (AKA action/protest medics) to provide medical care at protests, direct actions, marches, and other sites of resistance. We offer Community Medic, first aid, wellness, and other trainings designed to support people in the daily work of survival. Plenty of us medic in multiple domains. _____________________________________________________________________________________ WE ARE TRIALING THIS QUESTION to determine if we need to offer more of one training or another, and to help improve retention & participation. Your answer will not automatically dis/qualify you for any training
5. Are you located in Portland? Please tell us what communities you work with and how this training may further that work.
Your answer
6. Would you like to share any demographic information/ways you identify?
Suggestions include: ethnicity, race, gender identity, age, disabilities, class and anything else you want us to know about you. (We ask this in an effort to make space in the training for people facing oppression, especially in the medical system)
Your answer
7. Any previous medical or healing training? (not required)
Your answer
8. Can you keep the training weekend free until the last minute? Are you willing to go on a wait list if we are not able to immediately get you a spot?
9. What accessibility needs do you have?
Your answer
10. What phone number can we use for you? Can we call or text or both?
Your answer
11. We aim to make our street medic trainings as accessible and safe as possible for a diverse community of future medics. To this end, we ask participants to be thoughtful in their words and actions, to be receptive to feedback, and where possible to give it graciously. Have you concerns or requests related to these expectations?
If you have questions/concerns, please select "other" and tell us about them!!
12. Anything else you want us to know?
Your answer
The Rosehip Medic Collective is a group of volunteer Street Medics and health care activists based in Portland, Oregon.  For more info, check out  The best way to contact us is at
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