GWNC Neighborhood Purposes Grant Addendum 2020
Please complete the following form and submit concurrently with the application found here

If your organization is awarded an NPG, you will be asked to check-in with the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council Neighborhood Purposes Grant Ad Hoc Committee at the midpoint of your project timeline, present an update to the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council at our Board Meeting, and complete a one-page report upon completion of our project/complete disbursement of grant funds. For any questions, please contact
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1. Please describe how the grant will provide a demonstrable benefit and/or impact the community within the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council’s boundaries, specifically. For example, you can describe any community improvements involved, activities, or services that would bring together the community at large, programs, or events that benefit the public at large. *
2. Please describe how your project will build community through the implementation process and enhance the neighborhood once completed. *
3. How many Greater Wilshire stakeholders (general people who live, work, or own property in the Greater Wilshire area) would have access to the project or would benefit from it? *
4. Have you applied for or obtained any financial or organizational support from any private business or public organizations for this specific project? If so, please describe. *
5. Have you applied for or obtained any financial or organizational support from any other neighborhood council (besides Greater Wilshire) for this particular project? If so, please state the name of the neighborhood council, the amount received, and the date the funds were received. *
6. Please describe any similar past projects your organization may have completed, including if they were completed or not and any challenges encountered and overcome in doing so. *
7. If you do not receive the full amount requested from the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council, will you still be able to complete your project? If so, please describe how you intend on completing your project in this circumstance. *
8. What is your organizational capacity for this project? How many staff/volunteers will be dedicated to the completion of this project, and what will their roles be? *
9. Please include a brief timeline of your proposed project implementation, starting from June/July 2020 (anticipated date of disbursement) and lasting six months thereafter. *
10. Please share any additional information you would like to share with the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council about your project and/or organization. *
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