Big Boar's Backyard Challenge
This is to admit interest in running Big Boar's Backyard Challenge.

At 0900 hours on Friday, April 10, we will start a race around the 4.166667 mile loop.

The time limit will be one hour.

At 1000 hours, we will begin another race around the trail.

We will do the same at 1100, 1200, and so on, every hour, until only one runner can complete a race within the time limit.

Any runner not in the starting corral for any race, is not eligible to continue.

No late starts!

If no single runner can complete a race at the end, there will be no winner.

Runners are responsible for their personal aid and nutrition.

Water will be available throughout the race

Runners will be given space for a chair and a cooler.

There are limited spots.

The Golden Ticket to Big Dogs Backyard Ultra will only be issued if runners pass the 24 loop mark (100 miles)

All runners will receive a Big Boar's t-shirt.

There will be no refunds, deferrals, bib transfers.

Course will be sent one month before the event to those participating.

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