Climate Justice Fortnight
We have been given 12 years to limit the effects of climate change or we face societal collapse and human extinction within the next two generations. We have run out of time, yet our leaders, politicians, and powerful institutions are doing nothing about it. It is time we, as academics and students, as part of the institutions that should be protecting the future of this planet, demanded climate justice, and took back our education to prepare future generations for a planet barely able to sustain us. It is no longer just a case of learning how to prevent climate breakdown – we are in the midst of it already. We need to learn how to adapt to the future that we have so nearly destroyed, and optional modules on sustainability will no longer cut it.

As part of the University of Manchester Students' Union's fortnight focusing on the climate emergency and global justice, we are inviting academics and students to work together, and collaborate on projects to raise awareness of these issues by using their lecture time.

We have compiled a list of ways to get involved in this Teach-In fortnight for both lecturers and for students, and we encourage both to get in contact with each other as soon as possible to plan delivering effective and efficient lectures that we can deliver to both students and staff on issues surrounding the climate emergency, global justice, decolonising environmentalism, and more.
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