2018-2019 Math-M-Addicts Entrance Exam New Prospective Students (Fall 2018 Exam)
APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS (please read carefully)

Hello new students! All new prospective students are required to take an entrance exam for admission and placement for the upcoming year. Below are our standard sign-up guidelines; please note, all of the grade guidelines are for your grade next year (2018 - 2019 academic year). For example, if you are in 5th grade in the Spring of 2018, please use 6th grade for the purposes of this application.

--Grade 12: Group A exam
--Grades 10 & 11: Group L/I exam, questions 4-9 ONLY.
--Grade 9: Group L/I exam.
--Grade 8: Group S/L exam.
--Grade 7: Group Y strongly suggested for 7th graders. Group S/L exam possible.
--Grades 5 and 6: Group Y exam.

Dual exams (S/L, L/I) allow students to choose which level they test for on the day of the exam. Questions 1-6 count toward the first Group. Questions 4-9 count toward the second Group. If you know which exam you would like to take, solve only the questions for that exam. If you would like to test for both Groups, attempt all of the questions, though beware of the time pressure. In case you are thinking of testing for both Groups, you may consider starting with the middle three questions which count toward both Groups. Admission to each Group will be determined separately, and will be based solely on the questions for that Group. The sole exception are the students taking Group IA test for three hours – while only their performance on the A exam will be considered, it may also count toward Group I placement.

Exceptions to the above-suggested eligibility are based on AMC scores.
--Students who scored 18+ on the AMC 8 should register for the Group SL exam.
--Students whose scores gave them an AIME qualification should register for the Group LI exam.
--Students in grades 3 and 4 may sit for the Group Y exam. To be accepted into Group Y, students would need to qualify for the most advanced Group Y section (Y1).

Where: The Speyer Legacy School @ 925 9th Avenue (and 59th st), New York, NY 10019
When: Saturday September 8, as described below.
10am to 12pm OR 12:15pm to 2:15pm for entry into Groups Y, S, L, I
10am to 1pm for entry into Group A

To sign up to attend the entrance exam, please fill out this form.

Questions? Please email us at admissions@mathmaddicts.com.

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Please let us know which grade you will be attending at school during academic year 2018-2019. Please note that if you are in an accelerated math class, you should still enter the grade in which you are enrolled at school. For example, a student in 5th grade during the 2018-2019 school year attending 12th grade math classes should enter 5th grade, not 12th grade.
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Please arrive 15 minutes early on the day of the examination to be seated so that we can start the exam on time.
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Below are our standard sign-up guidelines, based on your grade in the fall of 2018 (Academic Year 2018-2019). For exceptions, please see instructions at the beginning of this form or contact us at admissions@mathmaddicts.com.
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Please let us know if you've already been placed into a group based on the spring exams.
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Please let us know if you are currently on the wait list for one of the Groups.
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Do you have any comments you want us to consider? Do you have a strong preference for which group you would like to test for? Let us know here! **Please let us know in this field if you are editing a prior registration entry.**
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