Toloba-ul-Kulliyaat-il-Mumenoon (Dallas) Registration Arz
After you have filled the form, we will obtain Raza from Amil Saheb and Inshallah you will become an official member.

Prerequisites for Membership:
1) Knows Namaaz, Basic Dua & Surats.
2) Knows how to Recite Quraan.
3) Member should not be in Interest (Viyaaj).
4) Not using Moharramat (Cigarette, Tobacco, Liquor, Etc.).
5) Should Wear Saya in all Dawat Majlis & Functions.

1439H's Membership Dues are $20.
Please submit to M. Moiz Shk. Hussein Jafferji via Cash, Paypal, Venmo or Quickpay type P2P payment methods.

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