Register for Sunday Liturgy
We are looking forward to worshiping with you! Due to capacity restrictions, reservations are required to attend Sunday Divine Liturgy services.

FOR SUNDAY SERVICES: Please complete the attached registration form before 5:00 PM on the Friday before the Liturgy that you are planning to attend. We will send notification as to whether the Church can accommodate your group by 5:00 PM on Saturday evening. We are working hard to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to attend services.

FOR WEEKDAY SERVICES: Please complete the attached registration form before 5:00 PM on the day before the service that you are planning to attend. We will NOT be sending confirmation of registration for weekday services at this time-- your reservation is automatically confirmed.

Prior to coming to the Church, please familiarize yourself with the parishioner responsibilities guidelines and what to expect. The guidelines can be found at

If you have any questions or are having difficulty with the form, please do not hesitate to email the Re-Opening Committee at or to call Jimmy Angelakos at (570) 494-5368.
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How many people will be in your party (including yourself and any small children)? Please note that the individuals listed below will be seated together. If the individuals in your group are physically/socially distancing from each other outside of Church or do not want to be seated with each other, please complete a separate registration form for each group. *
Please provide the first and last names of each individual joining you, including yourself. Please note that only those listed will be allowed to enter Church. *
If your party will be attending a memorial service on Sunday, please let us know the last name of the dearly departed for whom the memorial is scheduled.
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