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The Greater Lewes Community Village
The Greater Lewes Community Village is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a community of support to enhance the lives of senior residents in the Lewes area. THE VILLAGE provides support, services, and programs that make it possible for its members to live independently and safely in their homes as they grow older, while also helping them remain engaged in the variety of social and cultural activities available in our community.

Volunteer Opportunities

The success of the Greater Lewes Community Village (The Village) will depend to a large extent on the involvement and commitment of its volunteers, since Village volunteers will provide critically important services and support to THE VILLAGE members to help them live independently and safely in their homes for as long as possible. Volunteer opportunities will include driving members in The Village service area to appointments, shopping, etc. (The Village Transportation Program), providing personal services (friendly visiting, phone calls, etc.), in house assistance (light housework, assistance with pets, yard work, etc.), technical assistance (help with computer, DVD player, etc.) and THE VILLAGE office support.

For the safety of volunteers and members, background checks will be completed on all potential volunteers. Volunteers who elect to be drivers must provide a current driver’s license and proof of insurance. We do this to keep our members safe and allow some peace of mind that the best volunteers are serving our members. Background checks will be performed and will include nationwide criminal history, sex offender list and motor vehicle records. Volunteers who are also THE VILLAGE members will not be required to pay for obtaining these documents. All others will be asked to pay a small fee for the background check after the interview and reference checks have been conducted.

A potential volunteer may begin to serve members when all required documentation has been received, the applicant has been interviewed, background check has been completed, the applicant has attended the required orientation and training and notification by The Village Volunteer Coordinator has been received.

Next Steps

Once your application has been reviewed, you will be requested to meet with the Volunteer Coordinator so we can learn
more about you. A brief interview will be held to determine your interest in THE VILLAGE, the best use of your talents and in what capacity you would like to serve. During the interview, you will be asked to sign the documents included in this package:
(1) Waiver and Release of Liability
(2) Confidentiality Statement
(3) Conflict of Interest Statement
(4) Code of Conduct Acknowledgment
Each of these documents addresses an important aspect of The Village operations and your responsibilities as a volunteer. You will also be asked to agree to a Background Screening which has a minimal fee. If you would like to be a volunteer driver, a copy of your license, registration and insurance will be made at this time. The Volunteer Coordinator will notify you of your eligibility to volunteer with The Village. You will be asked to attend a Volunteer Training where you will learn what to expect from volunteering and become familiar with THE VILLAGE policies and procedures. Please be assured that all information that you provide to THE VILLAGE will be held in strict confidence.

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