Waterloop Spring 2019 Recruitment
We're looking for new members to join our Spring Team!

Welcome to Waterloop recruitment for the Spring 2019 term! We’re glad you’re interested in joining us to build Canada’s Hyperloop. Read about the team at https://wloop.ca/recruitment! If you have questions at any point, feel free to contact us at join@teamwaterloop.ca.

On average, this form takes about 15 minutes to complete. This form consists of some basic info about you, selection of the teams you're interested in, and three paragraph answer questions.

Note: The technical team is hosting open recruitment this term, see here for more information on technical positions: https://wloop.ca/recruitment. We are currently only hiring for Administrative teams (Finance, Marketing, Sponsorship, Web Design) and Infrastructure team.


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Would you be interested in leadership positions?
We are recruiting for some lead positions this term! Expectations will be significantly higher (perhaps 10-15hr/wk, with extra meetings), but the experience of course will be much more rewarding, as you have ownership over a significant aspect of the team. We are looking for fully dedicated members who have strong leadership skills, can hold others accountable but fill in the gaps where needed, make and follow organized timelines, and have the passion and time to become the team’s expert in their domain. If you're interested, talk about your leadership experience in the short answer questions too!
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Which sub-team would you be most interested in joining?
The business team connects our work with the larger world. We reach out with our website, media, and marketing teams, and obtain and manage huge amounts of resources with our sponsorship and finance teams. We attend conferences and hold events to promote the Hyperloop idea, and support the technical work we’re doing with logistical and creative talent.
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