Pig Cut Sheet
Please contact us at farmers@brasenhillfarm.com or by calling (603) 868 2001 with any questions.
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Cut Options
Each part of the pig provides different choices as to how it can be cut. For each cut, a small percentage is considered 'trim', ie what is discarded as a roast or chops are formed. This can be combined to make either ground pork or sausage. If you enjoy ground pork or sausage, you can forgo other cuts in order to receive more of it. Typically, if you choose to get full hams, shoulders, and roasts, you can expect to have proportionally less trim left over.

A few notes to help you make your decisions:
All pigs come with racks of regular ribs
The main part of the loin (not the loin end) will be cut into pork chops
Loin End *
The loin end can be cut either into a roast or as loin chops. Loin chops are also called pork chops, though they are typically much larger than a 'normal' pork chop. The entire weight of this section of the pig is approximately 30 lbs.
Pork Butt *
The pork butt is the upper half of the front shoulder. It can be broken down into a roast, country style ribs, or chops. Country style ribs are not a typical rack of rib, but instead are strips of meat, often boneless though some do have bone in them. The total weight of this section of the pig is approximately 25 lbs.
Shoulder *
The shoulder is cut from just below the pork butt and comprises the other half of the front shoulder. This cut is also known as a picnic ham or picnic shoulder. A whole shoulder can weigh about 8 lbs while a half shoulder is typically around 4 lbs.
Ham *
Please select how you would like the ham cut. Whole unsmoked hams weigh approximately 15 lbs.
Belly *
Choose whether you would like fresh pork belly or smoked bacon. If you choose bacon, you can have it unsliced, sliced regular or slicked thick
Trim *
Please choose what you would like the trim made into. The sausage is loose, meaning that it is not in casings that are formed into links. The sausage is mixed in sized batches, so if there is leftover trim once your sausage is made, you will receive it as ground pork.
Offal, Fatback, and More *
Please select all that you would like to receive. Please note that if you are ordering a half pig and would like the head, you will receive the entire head
Please specify how you would like your pork packaged. If you ordered chops, choose how thick you would like them cut, and how many chops per package.
Wrapping *
We recommend vacuum sealing your meat. It lasts longer and does not use any more plastic than white wrapping, as the meat is wrapped in a plastic bag inside of the butcher paper.
Chops Per Package *
We typically base this off of how many chops we defrost at a time for a meal.
Chop Thickness *
We typically choose either 1" or 1.5". A thinner cut will result in more chops, while a thicker cut will result in fewer.
Since not everyone orders smoked cuts, we do not include it in the base price of $5.95 /lb hanging weight. Instead, we pass along the cost of the smoking at the slaughterhouse and charge $1.75 /lb of smoked product. This remaining balance is due when you come to pick up your smoked cuts. Smoked cuts will be available several weeks after the fresh pork is ready. However, we have limited storage space, so we cannot store your fresh pork while waiting for your smoked items to arrive, so you are still required to pick up the fresh pork within a week of it being ready, and to come to the farm a second time to pick up your smoked cuts, also within a week of them being ready.
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