A2 Instructor Private Lesson Report
This form is for people who have been hired to work as Artisan's Asylum Instructors reporting Private Lessons (MakeUp Lessons, any lessons you are holding in A2 shop and charging students for.)

After you enter the info here, an email will be sent to Education alerting them to the change made to this form private lesson to be billed and entered into payroll.

** Students will be billed via Paypal via Education. Collections will be made and monitored by Education.
** Education will bill the student for you, and your payment will be scheduled by the date of the lesson per our usual payroll protocols (aim for second friday after class date) lesson.
** Please allow at least 24 - 72 hrs for your request to be processed (this form generates a notification to Education and puts your request in queue.)
** If there is a date change, please send an email to teach@ instead of filling out the form again.

A2 suggests a one-hour minimum for all private lessons - please consider the administrative time spent / shop access and tool time utilized in pricing your lesson.

Instructors enrolled as 1099 will be paid 75% of total amount (%25 to Asylum) of class via payroll Materials entered into form will be broken out of the TOTAL amount before this split.

Please make sure all students register on our site (this is also the waiver!) using this link: https://artisansasylum.com/membership/registration/

Please schedule your lesson being mindful of other classes in the shop http://artisansasylum.com/calendar/ with your student and send an email to Front Desk (front-desk@artisansasylum.com) *on the day of your lesson* to let them know you are expecting student(s) for private lesson(s). Providing Front-Desk with the student's name(s) will allow your Deskie of the hour to do their job and look up your student to make sure they've registered with us.

Please meet your student at the Front Desk as default, if other arrangements are necessary, please communicate with (front-desk@) so they can direct the student.

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