Look-in-Lab Maintenance Aid Volunteer
This is a trial position, and may be temporary. The purpose of this position is to help with general cleaning and maintenance tasks to improve the overall cleanliness and appearance of the look-in-lab (and possibly other labs).

• Must be over 18
• Must be able to life over 40 lbs
• Comfortable maneuvering large, awkward objects, stretching, & kneeling
• Willingness to handle live and dead animals
• Able to deal with unpleasant odors

Tasks will include, but will not be limited to:
• Cleaning windows inside of the Look-in-Lab
• Cleaning the floor under sink and under boaphiles and tanks
• Cleaning countertops
• Transferring darkling beetle larva from the darkling beetle enclosures to the superworm enclosures
• Algae scrubbing aquatic tanks
• Washing pebbles, sand, and other items in preparation for their use in tanks
• Rinsing aquatic plants
• Siphoning aquatic tanks
• Removing dead invertebrates from their enclosures
• Organizing/cleaning cupboards
• Organizing and cleaning refrigerator and freezer
• Emptying and cleaning tanks
• Performing back up animal care/bird care duties (might require additional training on a different day and time to be able to perform these duties)
• Closing down the lab when LC staff is out (turning off lights, starting dishwasher, checking that all animals are back in tanks, etc.)
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