ASA Program Registration
Registration window: from Monday, January 7 to Friday, January 18.
You will receive an automatic response after you register, showing you the activities you chose. This does not guarantee that you got a space.

What happens if an activity is over enrolled?
All activities have a specific capacity. We aim to be all inclusive when possible. However due to time, space and personnel restrictions some classes may be over enrolled. Beginning for this school year we are piloting a lottery system to assign spaces in such cases of over enrollment.

Should a class be offered for more than one day a week and be over enrolled in both days, students may only be eligible for one day (depending on numbers).
This will ensure everyone has the same opportunity to get a place in their activity or activities of choice.

- This form lists activities by day of the week (Monday first, Tuesday below, etc...)
- You may choose up to three options per day listed by priority (first choice, second choice, third choice). Every choice will be considered, should you be only interested in one, please select only one.
- An ASA class may be shut down if it does not reach the minimum number of students for that activity.
- This registration will only apply for semester two of school year 2018-2019.

Emails confirming ASA registration assignments will be sent the afternoon of Thursday, January 31.

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I have read the ASA program and I agree to abide by all procedures, rules and expectations included in there. *
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