Registering Your Conqueror 2020/21
You only need to register once per school year.

It is 2pm-6pm for students in 4th-8th grades. WE DO NOT PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION FROM EAST & MAPLE RIDGE OR VIRTUAL STUDENTS IN 2020. Your students may attend, but must have their own ride to and from the program.

All info is at

Middle school program starts at 2:20pm and we will walk or drive together to our 2020 location - Pendleton Community Church of God (636 E Water St). Intermediate students will be met at 3:20pm outside their schools and we will walk or drive to Pendleton Community Church of God (636 E Water St).

All students will need to be picked up by 6pm, at the Pendleton Community Church of God (636 E Water St). You may stay in your car this year when you pick up your kid.

We will close registration at some point to keep our numbers at a CDC recommended amount.
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This year as you know has presented challenges that we all and MTC is overcoming best we can. By sending your child to MTC, you are understanding the risk of your kids being around others and the potential COVID-19 exposure, and don't hold MTC liable for your child(ren)'s illness. We don't expect the students to properly social distance or wear their masks perfectly, because they are children. We will encourage good hygiene and disinfect shared toys and supplies. By sending your student, you are telling us you have accepted the risk of exposure. Please electronically sign your (the guardian) full name below that you have read above and understand the risk. *
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