BSE 2019 Financial Aid Application
BlueStamp Engineering Financial Aid Process & Application

BlueStamp, LLC is dedicated to enabling all qualified students to attend the program regardless of financial status. Over the years, BSE has raised money from private donations and corporate partnerships to help fund students. However, given the volume of applications we receive, financial aid is limited and is reserved for the most deserving and hardworking students. Dave, Robin, and other staff members also personally donate to fund as many students as possible. In addition to financial aid, BSE offers payment plans (2-6 months) and fundraising opportunities (as described below).

Since BSE’s inception, roughly 50% of BSE students have received some level of aid. However due to BSE’s rigor, student to staff ratio, project expenses, and demand it is often difficult to offer significant amounts of aid to any student. Therefore, BSE is most interested in offering aid to students who are willing to “help themselves”. Furthermore, we believe learning how to fundraise and “making it happen” is an important professional skill that will serve students well in future endeavors. Students seeking aid are expected to generate a reasonable amount of funds on their own through their taking on a job (students often take on jobs in the summer during non-BSE class hours), family, schools, community organizations, and crowdfunding (click here to see the crowdfunding work of a previous BSE student). Parents and/or students are welcome to contact BSE’s founders, Robin Mansukhani ( or Dave Young ( to discuss financial aid. Please send an email first and list a few times you are available to talk over the phone.

BSE Financial Aid Process

1. Apply for financial aid by submitting the following three documents:
(1) This application (see questions below)
(2) Your most recent tax return (at least pages 1 and 2 of federal tax form 1040)
(3) Student Application

For security, we recommend blacking out any social security numbers or faxing tax forms to us at 866-727-2987.

2. BSE awards aid and sets payment schedules based on the following factors: (1) Student application (2) Financial Need (3) Student interview (4) Student references.

3. The remaining portion of tuition will be the responsibility of the family, either through tuition payment, fundraising, or other community/school support. BSE is happy to write letters of support or speak with a student’s potential funding source. Great online fundraising sites our students/families have used in the past include:
(1) Piggybackr -
(2) -
(3) GoFundMe -
(4) FundRazr -

4. Finally, a funding deadline will be defined for the student, after which point their spot and aid will be reallocated to other qualified applicants.

Email address *
What is the student’s name and city?
What was your household income in the most recent year?
How many dependents do you have in your household?
Will monthly payment plans help you support tuition?
(To student applicant) Are you willing to take on a job or do your own fundraising in order help support your tuition as described above?
Are you aware of any possible community or school funding sources that may support your tuition? If so, please list them here:
Upload an image or pdf of your most recent tax return (at least pages 1 and 2 of federal tax form 1040). For security, we recommend blacking out any social security numbers or faxing tax forms to us at 866-727-2987.
Tax Return
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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