Phoenix Committee: Anonymous Box
Feel free to write to us about any questions and/or concerns you have. Literally anything! Whether it's personal (ex: where to buy the best ice cream in town), academic (ex: how to study for...), any wild wacky ideas you might have (ex: should I jaywalk), or just want someone to listen (ex: it's been a rough day and I really want to get this off my chest). If you would like us to reach out to you remember to leave us with your name and a way to contact you!

Or if you would like to contact one of us individually:
Sonali Shirali:, (443) 996-7088
Brianna Baldwin:, (757) 298-8205
Ryan Govi:, (412) 492-8537
This is a safe space for anyone and everyone!
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Would you like us to contact you? Leave us your name and contact info!
Hope this napping otter makes your day a little better :)
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