What would you like included in the DC Budget?
The Council will soon be considering the budget for the District of Columbia Government for the upcoming fiscal year. Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie (Ward 5) would like to know your priorities, what you would like to see included in the budget, and how that will benefit you and your neighbors.
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Please give a brief outline of your budget request and reasons why you believe it is important for your community:
Please include if ANC or civic associations have taken official action to support this idea.
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Do you know which District agency is responsible for carrying out this budget request?
For example: Department of Parks & Recreation, Department of Employment Services, etc.
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Are you aware how much this budget request will cost? If so, what is the amount?
Not required but helpful if available
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How many in the community will be served by this investment?
If you are estimating a number, please explain how you arrived at the number. For example: a new playground will serve the 50+ kids that live within 2 blocks but currently must travel 10 blocks to access a playground; or 100 people have signed a petition expressing an interest in expanding or starting a program.
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Are you available to testify at the budget hearing before the Council of the District of Columbia?
Testifying in person at the impacted agency’s Budget Oversight Hearing is the most powerful and direct way to advocate for your budget request. Even better than testifying by yourself, get a group of impacted community members to testify.
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