Caucus Foundation Grant Application
2021 Round 2 Student Grant Information

Grants are now open to all students enrolled in an accredited school:

PURPOSE OF GRANTS: To assist worthy students in completing their student thesis film, TV program, video or interactive projects. The award will provide completion money after other means of fundraising have been exhausted. This program is intended to combat the lack of diversity in content and creative people in our industry.

RATIONALE FOR THE GRANTS: The Caucus recognizes its responsibility to take action to promote diversity behind the camera in our industry. We look to the accredited film, television, media programs at our universities and colleges as the source of the talented writers, directors and producers of the future. While scholarships are becoming more and more plentiful, support for students in completing their portfolio project is scarce. These projects serve as a calling card for entry in the industry. Further, the selection and identification process will, of itself, validate and recognize young talent and provide a source of mentors as they make the transition from student to industry professional.

ELIGIBILTY: Applicants must be registered in an accredited undergraduate or graduate degree program that requires the student to complete a thesis project in film, television program, video or interactive project for their degree and must be either the producer or director of the film. Applicant must also be a US Citizen. The student must be enrolled at an accredited University, College or Conservatory at time of submission or has graduated within three months of the due date of application.

SUBMISSIONS: May be a structured film as currently understood, or TV Program of any genre i.e. game show, reality program, situation comedy, variety program, documentary or any commonly produced form in contemporary broadcasting including webisodes.


1. Demonstrated financial need. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds will be given extra consideration.
2. The creative strength of the project as determined by the selection committee.
3. The completeness and feasibility of the production plan.
4. The completeness and reliability of the financing plan. Additional weight will be given to students who have
demonstrated diligence in fundraising from other sources including in-kind contributions.
5. Foreign language films must have English subtitles.

AMOUNT OF AWARD: The award can range from $1,000 to a maximum of $10,000 based on the completion needs of the individual project. However, no one grant can amount to more than 40% of the amount awarded at that session.

TIMING OF AWARDS: Awards will be made twice a year: March and August of each year.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Students must submit all materials by January 15th for Round 1 and July 10th for Round 2.

You must submit the online application at: (Section 2 below)

Application Materials to be submitted under name on application to Dropbox:

1. Application
2. Storyline Synopsis or Program Idea (2-3 sentences)
3. A Final Script, TV Production Script or Treatment for Documentary
4. Final Budget
5. Current Expenditure & Costs to complete budget
6. Financing Plan
7. Shooting/Post Schedule
8. Crew list and Student Status of each
9. Rough Cut on a video file (H.264 format). Since the grant is to assist in completion monies for your film, a
rough cut is required.
10. Applicant Statement of Intention
11. Proof of Financial need from your University, College or Conservatory
12. Faculty/Mentor Letter of Support on letterhead

TRANSFER OF FUNDS: Funds or in-kind services will be transferred to the student based upon certification by the teacher/mentor that agreed upon markers have been reached (i.e. start of principal photography, completion of photography, locked cut or delivery of answer print or program status, pre-production, post production, editing, sweetening, mix).

PRINTS: Award winners must supply the Caucus Foundation with two DVDs of the completed/final project AND a video file (H.264 format) which the Caucus will be able to screen at Caucus or Caucus Foundation events.

CREDIT: The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors Foundation and any other Endowment/Named Fund will have a credit on the film as a financial supporter in size and prominence compatible with its contribution to the total funding.

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