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Student Production Grants FAQs

PURPOSE: To encourage diversity by providing students with the funds necessary to complete their thesis films, television programs, videos and interactive projects.

RATIONALE: To validate and recognize young talent and provide mentoring during the transition from student to industry professional. Film, Television and Media programs at accredited universities and colleges are the wellspring for future writers, directors and producers. While scholarships may underwrite education, they do not provide funds for students to complete the projects that will serve as their calling card for entry into the Industry.

ELIGIBILITY: Registration in an accredited undergraduate or graduate program that requires the student to complete a thesis project in film, television program, video or interactive project to earn their degree. The student must be the Producer, Writer or Director, of the film submitted and a US Citizen. The student must be enrolled at an accredited University, College or Conservatory at time of submission or has graduated with in three months of the due date of application.

1. Demonstrated financial need.
2. The creative strength of the project as determined by the Selection Committee.
3. The completeness and feasibility of the production plan.
4. The completeness and reliability of the financing plan.
5. Demonstrated diligence in fundraising from other sources, including in-kind contributions.
6. Foreign language films must have English subtitles.

QUALIFICATIONS NECESSARY FOR CONSIDERATION: Applicants must be a US citizen enrolled in a program at an accredited College, University or Conservatory that requires a final project (thesis) in Television, Film, Video or Interactive Media for completion of the program. Students must demonstrate financial need and project production viability. Completed projects must be no more than 60 minutes in length.

FINAL DATES FOR SUBMISSION: All materials must be received online no later than January 15, 2019 - 11 PM PST. Applications received after the deadline will be kept for secondary consideration. Notifications of Grants will be announced approximately second week in March for Round One; the approximately first week in August for Round Two.

GRANT AMOUNTS: Grants range from $1,000 to $10,000 based on the completion needs of the project. No individual Grant may amount to more than 40% of the total amount awarded during a given Term. Grants may be granted in cash or in-kind services (post production, stock, etc.) or a combination thereof.

STANDARDS FOR EVALUATION: Grants are awarded based upon three principal factors: financial need, creative appeal, viability. The Foundation promotes diversity and encourages students of all ethnic backgrounds to apply.

TRANSFER OF FUNDS: Funds or in-kind services will be transferred to the student based upon certification by the Teacher/Mentor that agreed upon thresholds have been reached (i.e. completion of photography, locked cut or delivery of answer print or program status, pre-production, post production, editing, sweetening, mix, etc.).

DELIVERY: Grant recipients must supply the Caucus Foundation with a video file (H.264 format) which The Caucus Foundation may screen at Caucus or Caucus Foundation events.

CREDIT: The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors Foundation and any other Endowment/Named Fund will have a credit on the film as a financial supporter in size and prominence compatible with its contribution to the total project funding.

All materials submitted become the property of The Caucus for Writers, Producers & Directors Foundation.

Website: Questions regarding ‘Compression Guidelines for Rough Cuts’, Audio settings and other FAQs available at Email inquiries to

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