Ivor's Research Brief - FORM
This form will encourage you use multiple IT skills to find and document specific information
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1) What is your country(ies) of heritage? Write the name(s) below.
2) Find a picture of your flag(s) of heritage
3) What is the name of a town or place you lived or grew up? Write the name(s) below.
4) Find information about the place(s) you (both) lived or grew up and enter the web address(es) below:
5) What is then name of a traditional recipe from your country(ies) of heritage?
6) Find the recipe(s) and enter the web address(es) below:
7) What date is Angela Landsbury’s birthday and what is her star sign?
8) Visit a website with information about Angela Landsbury and type some below along with the web address:
9) What TV programmes are showing right now on: BBC1 and Channel5 *(include the time in your answer)
10) Write the web address of where you found the programme information below:
11) How much does the latest iPad Mini cost? Write the price below.
12) Write the web address of where you found the iPad Mini information below.
13) What is today's weather? Write the description of weather and temperature below:
14) Write the web address of where you found the weather information below:
15) Find a video of a sunflower blooming:Tip - search for “Sunflower Time Lapse video”
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