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Please fill out the following form if you would like a quote for a Panorama setup similar to the ones described above. We will endeavor to get a quote to you by email in one working day (please be aware of timezone difference as we are in New Zealand)
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Different floor levels and/or site plans. eg 1 site plan and 2 floor plans- Total -3 plans
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how many panoramas/ images would you like to be linked to plans? Eg Site plan= 8 , Floor Plan 1=5, Floor Plan 2=6 , Total=19
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Are hotlinks in images required? *
Hotlinks are Icons in Image, if clicked they can either: 1/ Take you to another image (eg room behind a door with icon- Note that if you want a back link in the room that you go to you need another hotlink in that image too) or 2/ Will list a pop-up box with data or information about the room or object icon is over (you will need to indicate your "text" for these pop-ups when submitting the images)
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