PROPERTY OWNERS — Deadline September 14
Properties must be visible from the Grand Canal and between 15th Avenue — 7th Street
Send us your information to indicate your interest in participating in Phoenix Mural Festival 2020!
Email Danielle at Phoenix Mural Project with questions to
Special thanks to our partners at Arizona Forward and 7th Ave Merchants Association.
By submitting this form the property owner agrees to:
1. Offer a wall that is outward-facing and visible from The Grand Canal, anywhere between 15th Avenue – 7th Street.

2. BY SEPTEMBER 18, make a $1 per sq ft (tax-deductible) donation to Phoenix Mural
Project to help fund the cost of paint. (Contact us if this isn't possible.) Go to:

3. Make sure the wall is physically accessible and void of debris. Make the wall
available as needed so the artist can prepare sketches or other related activities.

4. BY OCTOBER 2, Artists + property owners will be paired and introduced.

5. BEFORE OCTOBER 9, email an itemized list of important agreements signed
by both parties, including the following: (1) design concept, (2) wall preparation,
(3) safety, and (4) possible artist honorarium to
We need this before releasing paint to the artist.

6. Be present and available for questions and support on the event date, OCTOBER 24, 2020.
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