Teton Science Schools' Graduate Student Reference Form
Program Description: The Graduate Program of Teton Science Schools is a unique combination of academic theory and practical educator training nestled in the southeastern corner of Grand Teton National Park. During our ~9 month immersive program, graduate students will focus on place-based, field science education and then apply teaching skills in the field, and in public and independent schools. Our practices are guided by a close connection with other programs of the Teton Science Schools. Graduates earn up to 32 transferable graduate credits from the University of Wyoming for their academic and practicum experiences. For more information on Teton Science Schools, visit http://www.tetonscience.org, and for more information on the Graduate Program, visit http://www.tetonscience.org/graduate-program/home/.

Confidentiality: The information provided will not be made available to the applicant unless specifically authorized to do so in writing by the person providing the information.
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The best candidates for the Graduate Program are:
-Interested in education and teaching,
-Interested in science,
-Dedicated, driven, and committed,
-Flexible and resilient,
-Self-aware with the ability to be reflective and growth-oriented,
-Generally positive in attitude, outlook and demeanor,
-Good team players,
-Willing to grow, develop, change, and learn a lot
-Experienced in or excited to be part of an immersive community, and
-Experienced and interested in the outdoors and leading others in the outdoors.
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Evaluation of Applicant
We appreciate your candid evaluation of the applicant's qualifications and potential. Please choose one response per row that best reflects your evaluation of the candidate’s ability in the following statement. *
N/A - I can not comment on this aspect of this individual.
Insufficient: Below expectations
Developing: Top 50% of students or individuals that I have worked with.
Proficient: Top 25% of students or individuals that I have worked with
Exceptional: Top 5% of students or individuals I have worked with.
Academic Performance: The applicant has the ability to succeed academically at a graduate level.
Decision Making: The applicant makes decisions and judgments based on sound assessments and maintains composure in stressful situations.
Leadership: The applicant exhibits qualities of an effective leader, demonstrates initiative and leads by example.
Feedback: The applicant demonstrates openness to accepting and providing feedback and constructive criticism.
Relationships: The applicant maintains strong working relationships with peers, mentors, and supervisors and works effectively with others.
Areas of Strength
What are the applicant's greatest areas of strength?
Areas of Growth
What are the applicant's greatest areas of growth?
This Graduate Program is a non-traditional program with block-scheduled academics, an immersive community, and applied teaching experience at a graduate level.
Please comment on the applicant's ability to succeed in this type of program.
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