Application for Green Reset, June 2022
 Green reset youth exchange is intended for young people between 18 - 30 years old.  Applicants from Slovenia, Italy, Latvia, and Germany are welcome to join us. The project is cofounded by Erasmus+ program.
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This project aims at supporting people with fewer opportunities. Are you facing any difficulties connected to your background, education, place of living, unemployment, migration etc. ? *
During the youth exchange participants will be disconnected from technology and internet for a week. Please, rate the statements below so that we know more about your technology usage habits. It will take you about two minutes. *
Very common
Because of the time spent on the computer and smart phone I get into conflicts with family members.
I lie and cover up about the time I spend in front of computer and smart phone.
My efficiency / performance at school / work has decreased due to the use of computer and smart phone.
I stay in front of the computer and smart phone longer than planned.
I become restless and irritable if someone disturbs me during activities on the computer or smart phone.
My loved ones warn me that I spend too much time in front of computer or smart phone.
I'm sleep deprived.
When something unpleasant happens to me, I take shelter in front of the computer or smart phone.
I spend my free time in front of the computer or smart phone.
I browse the web for no reason.
It happens to me that while searching for specific information I forget what I was looking for.
Since I spend more time online, I have fewer offline friends.
Life without computer or smart phone seems boring to me.
What is your level of English? *
Dietary restrictions (i.e. vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, allergies, ...) *
Do you have any health issues or special needs that we should know about? If yes, please describe shortly. *
*IMPORTANT: I declare that all the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.  I commit myself to take part for the full duration of the activity and to participate in the whole evaluation process; in case I will break this commitment I will renounce the travel reimbursement. I understand that the information I provided on my special needs does not remove my responsibility for ensuring my health. I understand and agree that the project may be photographed/filmed and used for publications on websites and social networks to provide visibility to the project, the organizations, and the public bodies involved in it.I understand that all personal information provided in this form will be used exclusively for the organization of the Green Reset youth exchange project.I will follow the current COVID-19 restrictions that will be applied in Slovenia at the time of exchange. *
Co-funded by the Erasmus+
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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