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** All applications must be submitted answering the “CareCredit” questions. Later, you will be asked for the approval or denial letter showing the amount approved or the denial letter/email. Canadians can apply www.petcard.ca
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I attest that the information I have provided to Dachshund World Charities is accurate and complete. I give my consent for the above mentioned medical care. I understand that Dachshund World Charities assumes no liability and makes no assurances as to the appropriateness, quality or outcome of any medical diagnosis, treatment, products or services.
I consent to allow Dachshund World Charities the use of any pictures and description of medical care for the purposes of promotion and fundraising.
EIN: 46-5080303 Dachshund World Charities is an IRS approved 501 (C) (3) non-profit charity.
Email: help@dwcharities.com Fax: (905) 784-1122
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