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Dear CHATter,

Please use this form to submit your expressions of interest to organise an event for PilgrimCHAT, our exciting interactive digital conference.

Remember, it will take place over the whole month of November 2021 and we are aiming for one event per day, occasionally two to accommodate different time zones. As we are aiming for this to be a globally inclusive conference, organisation is going to be complex! So we ask for some flexibility in the calendar to plan the schedule in the better possible way.

Please use this form to explain the kind of event you want to organise – from an individual presentation to a panel discussion. We welcome static content, live events (both virtual and hybrid), or social media sessions. Finding an innovative format that can foster outdoor activity will be a plus. We will have a Zoom account active for the month, so you can take advantage of it for the live events. Also, will be happy to discuss any doubt or query you have: pilgrimchat.2021@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest! Looking forward to your proposal!
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