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We would like to ask some feedback from you regarding our services so that we can be more AWESOME and give better services to our future partners!

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ThinkLab Workshops
Microcontroller, Robotics, Sensors and Wireless Communications Workshops
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ThinkLab Seminars
Ideation and Robotics Seminars
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ThinkCAFE Laboratory and Consultation Services for Research Projects
ThinkCAFE Laboratory, Facilities and Services
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The laboratory is clean and orderly
There is enough space in the laboratory and we are able to comfortably work on our project
The location is accessible
The materials available are readily available and easy to use
The laboratory has all the materials and equipment we needed for the project
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ThinkCAFE Engineers / Consultants
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The assigned engineer / consultant is approachable and very willing to help
Is knowledgeable of the topics involved in the project
Explains the topics clearly and effectively provided directions to help complete the project
Helped us in deciding and sourcing materials/software/electronics components which we need for project completion
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