Now hiring - Managing Director

Part-time or full-time position with option to become partner
Reports to: General Manager
Entry date: October 2015
Last revision date: 06 July 2015

We are the first and only academy for vocational training in the field of Image Consultancy in one of the leading commercial centers of the Middle East. As franchisee of an international market leading parent company we offer a 11-modular degree program which enables graduates to immediately apply their knowledge and work as freelancer with every module taken, starting with a 4-day education as color consultant.

The Managing Director (MD) is driving the process of repositioning the brand in the local market as the two business units ACADEMY and CORPORATE SEMINARS take center stage and both contribute equal income streams for the company.

Facilitating the development of corporate seminar offerings and arranging partnerships with established educational institutions requires negotiation skills and determination while developing our upcoming local facilitators demands people skills, sensitivity and lots of encouraging.

The MD position provides lots of space for your entrepreneurial ambitions while you don’t have to start out from zero in completely unknown waters since you will work with the company’s experienced startup team.

The MD’s primary goal is to help carving out a better business model based on current opportunities and four years of real market experience.

• To solve the problem of low customer numbers on the academy side by exploring and negotiating a partnership with an university for delivery of our modular Image Consulting education.
• To manage and oversee the implementation of this partnership(s) and evaluate it’s success in regard to the company’s earnings and brand development.
• To oversee marketing activities and develop sales capacity, especially in the high potential corporate customer segment.
• To establish a team of local facilitators for corporate seminars out of the graduates of our academy
• To optimize the functioning of the various departments of the enterprize

• Self-initiative and entrepreneurial drive – you want to create new realities out of ideas and have the capacity to imagine the future.
• Have a track record of pioneering cross culturally.
• Strong skills to manage complexity and lead people.
• Either formal business education or 5+ years business experience, preferably in the service industry.
• A passion to work in teams – while you lead the team you are not threatened by those who are more qualified than yourself in their area of responsibility.
• You like to take informed/calculated risks
• Be a confident and enthusiastic communicator

• Excitement for style and fashion, image consulting industry, individual and organizational development
• You have lived and worked in a highly cross cultural Muslim context before.
• You will need to live in Country at least 8 months a year.
• Knowing the local language would be a huge advantage – however the MD could work around it...
• Unless you have a local passport you will need to be creative in regard to the work permit issue
• You have access to capital and are prepared to support yourself for a certain time in a startup situation

• We are a knowledge based company with an extremely lean setup. Ideally we are looking for a long term commitment based on an equity partnership, however we do consider a trial period prior to such a commitment.
• If you are not already educated as image consultant you should consider taking all the courses yourself in order to know the products as well as contributing effectively to your own and company income.
• The compensation model we are currently applying is that we compensate every contributor for his/her actual customer related service provided (sales commission, tutoring fee/day rate, consulting income). Compensation for administrative and marketing work depends on overall performance of the company and is agreed together (as MD you propose your own salary…).

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