The Colonial Fleet
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1) Be respectful. (Golden Rule)2) Keep the server Clean. Occasional talk about other topics is fine, but if the discussion becomes prolonged, please take it to PM's (Private Message). 3) No politics or religion in main channels. Most internet boards and forums completely forbid such topics. If it's just you and your mates down in your own channel and you want to start waxing philosophic, that's fine - but don't bring it to the main channels, and don't continue if the discussion becomes a debate. 4) No hate speech or inciting conflict in any channels. You are free to offer your opinion in the local space-bar respectfully, but comments intended to demean a group, incite conflict, and the derogatory use of slurs are disallowed. 5) Moderation is at the moderator's discretion. If a moderator is present and s/he wishes to move conversation forward to a new topic to avoid conflict, do so. Our moderators have free reign to use any mod tools, up to and including a ban request. Mods will have a "Moderator" tag attributed to their username. 6) Do not monopolize voice channels. Please allow equal discourse in the voice channels. If you are deemed to be taking up too much bandwidth, you may be asked to tone it down a bit. Rules are not Optional*
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