SCaLE 17x Birds of a Feather Signup Form
The BoFs will again take place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.

They are in the same rooms as the daytime presentations, after the last speakers have finished their talks. Note that A/V equipment ( projectors, microphones, speakers, etc. ) is not available for the BoFs.

We'll assign a room for the BoF where everyone can meet. Offsite activities are possible.

If the BoF or outside activity will be more than an hour, please note that in the special requirements box.

We will NOT include activities taking place in hotel rooms or suites.

When promoting your BoF, please use the #scale17x hashtag.

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Would your organization be interested in learning more about sponsoring snacks or beverages for this BoF?
Food and drink must come from the convention center, we can send you more information on making refreshments available.
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