CCA 2020.2021 BASP Request Proposal
The Clear Creek Amana school district intends to partner with a local childcare center(s) to provide school Before and After school services in each of the five CCA elementary buildings (North Bend, Tiffin, Oxford, Amana, and Oak Hill). Before and After school services are offered to students who are kindergarten through 5th grade from the first day of the 2020 school year to the last day of the 2021 school year. Hours of service will start at 6:30 am and end at 5:30 pm. Days of service will follow the district calendar.

Summer day camp 2020 would start the Monday following the last day of school and run until August 17th in our Tiffin Elementary site and will be included in the agreement for BASP services.

Once a provider(s) is selected, a three-year agreement will be put in place.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please complete this form in its entirety. If you have any questions or would like to provide information other than what is on this form, please feel free to contact Ben Macumber at 319.622.3255 or through email at

As required by the state of Iowa, a negotiated fee will need to be added to cover the costs incurred by the school for facility maintenance. It is anticipated the fee will be minimal and will not significantly impact the provider.

Name of person submitting this application *
Please list the name of your facility and contact information including phone number and/or email address *
Has your organization provided services for school-aged students? If yes, please provide an approximate number of years *
BASP services will be provided at each of the elementary buildings. The number of students will be determined by DHS guidelines. Does your organization have the capacity to staff each site? *
Potentially, BASP services could be shared between more than one service provider. Is your intent to provide sole care for all sites (5) or are you willing to partner with another program with the understanding there would be collaboration to provide comparable high-quality programming with the same rate? *
Does your organization accept state aid for families who qualify? *
Are you prepared the meet the DHS requirements for licensing standards at each center? *
Would you be able to meet the requirements for the student to staff ratio for school-aged students? *
Are you willing to offer services for non-school days (PLPs, spring break, professional development) *
Are you able to provide staffing for families who wish to enroll on Wednesday only? *
For one month of care, what do you anticipate charging families for one school-aged child in Before or After school care? *
For Wednesdays only, what do you anticipate charging one school-aged child in Before and After school care *
What experiences would you be able to offer in preparation for a student-friendly experience? *
Is there any other information you might provide that would help us determine which service will be the most beneficial for our students and families? *
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