Voyage Youth and the Black Police Association (BPA) Action Research Project 2018
Thank you for taking the time to participate in our youth led research project.

In August Voyage was commissioned by the Black Police Association to undertake research to explore a nuanced role for black Met police officers. The research project has been designed and led by our youth graduates and will be presented to the BPAs AGM in audience of high ranking officers from across the Met service.

This survey is open to young people under the ages of 18 years who wish to have a say on London Policing and help us find ways to create a special role within the force for Black officers.

Call us should you want us to host interview surgeries in your youth club, school or community centre.

Your contribution to this questionnaire will help us put forward a powerful case for what Policing could look like in London in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey.

Would you ever consider the role of becoming a Police Officer? *
Why do you think people join the Police Service? *
If a family member or friend wanted to join the Police service would you *
What factors shape how you see Police Officers? *
Tell us more about your answer. *
Your answer
What do you think needs changing about Policing in London?? *
Your answer
Do you think it is right for officers to use a leathal weapon *
If yes or no why? *
Your answer
Do you think officers misuse force? *
If you answered yes or not sure to the above, can you tell us more? *
Your answer
How important do you think the role of equalities plays in Policing London. 1. being the least important *
being least important
most important
Why do you think equalities in Policing matters?
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Have you heard of the Black Police Association? *
if yes - What do you think the BPA does? *
Do you think there could be a more defined role for black police officers? *
If yes what could that be?
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Do you think there should be a statement of intent or a community promise by black police to the community (what is publicly achievable) for all to see? *
If yes do you have any suggestions as to what this statement or promise could be? *
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