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We will book an old renovated house attached next to the main building of a hotel. We have a number of bedrooms, an old kitchen with a wooden stove, two connected rooms that will serve both as a conference place as well as a brainstorming/hacking/social place, and potentially also for eating. (Lunch, dinner and potentially breakfast will be served in the main building.) Do not expect a five-star hotel, but we fell in love with the special setting of that renovated old farm house.

We suggest you to bring some warm waterproof shoes in case of snow and/or rain (as we will have to switch the building for the meals) as well as some slippers (or any other shoes that you can change once you come back) to walk around the house, just to avoid making the floor dirty right on the first day.

The number of rooms is limited, so if you would like a single room, we will most likely put you in the main building and ask you for 20 EUR per night extra.

If you have any preference about who you would like to share your room with, let us know. If you would like to sleep in a tree house (there's probably room for two), we keep your fingers crossed that it will be finished and furnished by the time of the conference.

Families welcome. If you would like to arrive earlier or leave later, that is no problem either (just keep in mind that you should book in advance if you want to stay AFTER the conference due to high demand during the Ski jumping world cup).
Accommodation arrangements
Please provide any details about your special requests concerning accommodation
We have a kitchen available in the house and are thinking whether to take the breakfast in the hotel or whether to purchase food and prepare it by ourselves. The logistics largely depends on the number of participants.
Dietary requests
Do you have any food allergies or any other requests that we should be aware of?
Breakfast, coffee break
In case we do prepare breakfast by ourselves, we would like to get the idea about your favourite breakfast arrangements.
Besides water, tea and coffee, what other drinks should we make available?
To confirm your booking please do a wire transfer of at least 100 EUR (or the complete fee, depending on your preference) to the ConTeXt Group's account

FR86 2004 1010 1308 3104 6H03 464

Account owner:
ConTEXt Group
La Roche Blanche
35190 Québriac


La Banque Postale
Centre Financier Rennes
11 rue Vanneau
35900 Rennes Cedex 9

And drop us an email when you do the transfer.
Please write the recipient of the invoice (in case you need one on some particular name/address). If you need a pro-forma invoice in advance to make the payment, drop us an email.

Mojca Miklavec, mojca at
Aljaž Srebrnič, g5pw at

General questions about the meeting may be sent to
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