Waukesha Citizens Against Gun Violence
We are a group of Waukesha County residents against the proliferation of guns thought out Waukesha County and society in general. Specifically, we are against...

(1) Except for military and law enforcement personnel, ban the sale, transfer, possession and ownership of military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines,
(2) Expand and diligently enforce laws and regulations on background checks and waiting periods as they apply to the sale and purchase of firearms
(3) Close loopholes in existing laws that allow sellers and buyers of firearms to circumvent regulations through transfers accomplished privately or at trade shows, and
(4) Except for trained law enforcement, keep our schools and school property gun-free.

By joining this group, you agree to remain vigilant with us against further deterioration of gun laws in the state and will assist as needed by calling on the state legislators and the Waukesha School Board to insure our voices are heard loud and clear. The pro-gun lobby is strong and never gives up. We must do the same.

For more information visits www.GrassrootsWaukesha.org.
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