AmExLeads Series 2020 (Fellow-Led) | Resilience Interviews to COVID-19
Dear AmExLeads leaders,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us to share your insights.

We understand how sensitive and evolving matters are. Your expertise and honest insights as a leader will be invaluable and we look forward to learning and listening with you so that we can be a better problem solver as a community.

Our intention is to honor as many voices as possible so we envision tying in some stories together in each article. All information shared here will not be used outside this context.

We're excited to learn and share this wealth of knowledge with others.
Our intention is to inspire others to be more resilient, creative and positive.

Thank you for co-creating that momentum together.

Please reach out for any questions to Monica Kang ( or Caitlin Johnson (

Disclaimer: This initiative is fellow-led and not by American Express.
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