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We are so happy that you have decided to sign-up for Jumpsuits larp and we are looking forward to create a wonderful experience together with you and the rest of the participants.
The first run of sign-up is over, however you are now able to sign-up for the waiting list by filling out this form. We will contact you when/if a spot opens up for you.
Later we will also send you a casting form where you will be able to tell us more about the character and experience you want. For now please just fill out your personal information.
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If you apply for a reduced ticket - please let us know why?
Player experience - For how long have you been larping? *
Food- please let us know if you have any allergies or other food requirements that we need to consider.
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Relevant medical information - Do you have any medical conditions that the organiser team should be aware of?
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Emergency contact - Who would you like us to contact in the unlikely event that anything should happen to you during the larp? Please include name and contact information. *
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GDPR: The Jumpsuits larp organisers will need to hold some information about our players in digital format. Only the organisers of the event will have access to this data and under no circumstance shall we make your information or data visible to any third party. The data will be used to be able to contact you before the larp, and we'll hold this data until the larp is completed and all of the post-larp activities have been carried out. The information we retain is: Your name, email address, country of residence, an emergency contact, your allergies, and relevant medical information. You have the right to request that information we hold about you be deleted. To submit such request, please send an email to jumpsuitslarp@gmail.com *
License agreement for images and video: The organisers is authorised to have image and/or sound recordings made at the event, and the participant hereby resign any copyrights they might have without reserve to the organisers. However there will be a flagging process and no pictures will be publicly published before participants have had a chance to flag images of themself that they do not want published. After the event the pictures will be available for the participants only and within a timeframe of 2 weeks, they can flag images of themself that they do not want published. They hereby consent to the publication of the images and/or recordings that have not been flagged accordingly to the license agreement. The Participant is authorised to use the images and/or recordings that the organisers provides of the event for the purpose of private use and in the manner of publication on Social Media platforms and private Websites. In the event that video recordings are made during the event, players will have the opportunity to request not being in any published videos. *
Other - Is there anything else you would like us to know at this point.
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