2020-2021 High School Musical Auditions
Attention students interested in auditioning for the cast of the 2021 Spring Musical.
On Saturday, October 24, auditions for the 2021 Spring Musical will take place online and NOT AT NASH. The audition submittal form will be active on the NAMUSICAL website this weekend, between Saturday, October 24 and Sunday, October 25 ONLY. Mind this deadline!
We look forward to seeing your auditions!

Thank you,
The musical team.

In the upload section, you are asked to upload three (3) videos. 01 - a DANCE video, 02 - a SINGING video, and 03 - an ACTING video.
01 - Please use the dance video on www.namusical.com as a reference. There is also an audio file. You will be asked to play the audio file while you dance. Please make sure that the song is heard in your dancing video.

02 - Please use the vocal mp3 files on https://bit.ly/3lzjKbS as a reference. You are asked to play the audio file while you sing. Please make sure that the song and your voice are both heard in your singing video. Here is a demo - https://youtu.be/7zwoTMtFfRE

03 - Please use the provided monologues on https://bit.ly/31qMRqs as a reference. You are asked to simply record your acting audition. Please make sure that your voice is heard in your acting video.
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